COABE 2017 The Digital Homeroom: A Resource to Help Teach Computer Skills to Low-Literacy Adults

There is a wealth of online resources that teachers can use to help their learners develop digital literacy skills. Often, the biggest challenge is finding, evaluating, and then organizing them for instruction. This presentation will introduce participants to 1) a free website template, called a digital homeroom, that teachers can stock with links to instructional websites, and 2) a rubric to help evaluate online resources.  The website’s design is based on findings from two related research studies that show how important clean design and culturally relevant resources are for supporting digital literacy instruction. The presentation will provide strategies for using the website in a classroom instruction or for independent work. Finally, options for customizing the website will be offered.

COABE 17 Northstar Bridging Literacy Online Final

Link to website building guide

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New Models – Instructional Strategies Report

COABE 2017 Presentation: Involved Instruction

IDEAL and Involved Instruction: Using Practitioner Expertise and Research with Distance and Blended Learning

Effective online learning requires more than assigning an online curriculum and handing out log-in information; it requires teacher involvement. Administrators and teachers will learn what is required to create opportunities for “involved instruction.” Topics for discussion include efficiently using core and supplemental online resources in blended learning, selecting technology tools to align with pedagogical and content needs, and making use of computer labs to support instruction. Participants will have time to map “involved instruction” at both the programmatic and instructional levels. Attendees will learn how to access further technical support through participation in the IDEAL Consortium.

Vanek IDEAL effective online instruction 2017 COABE