Moving forward – digital literacy in corrections education programs

Today I presented at the Correctional Education Association conference for mid-western states. My Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment colleagues and I have been getting a number of requests from county jails in Minnesota about how our digital literacy standards align with what is required to pass the new computerized GED exam.  The good news is that if a learner can succeed with our assessments, he or she likely has the skills to take the GED.

The bad news is that the best way to learn how to use computers and the Internet is to use them, and many of these learning centers in jails and prisons do not allow access to the Internet.

The presentation was a starting point for me. I learned about the very real limitations placed on educators who work in prison classroom and technology labs. I also heard that they are looking for creative ways to prepare their learners for life after incarceration, and that means a life where much (beyond the GED) needs to be accomplished online.

Here’s a link to my slides.  Please post a note to me if you’d like to further discuss.

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