Digital literacy for more literacy

More literacy now means digital literacy, information literacy, media literacy, network literacy, and (you name it!).

The ubiquity of the internet and digital technologies has stretched the definition of ‘literacy’ to encompass digital literacy. For full participation in economic, civic, academic, social, and work life we all need to have basic computer skills and know how to creatively use them to find information, communicate, and accomplish the many tasks that are, increasingly, completed online. Many adults with literacy and language learning needs also lack digital literacy. This means that as more of us make use of digital technologies and adapt to the virtual flood of new apps, online tools, or sophisticated devices, there are adults who are either left out completely or deprived of agency because they need others to complete tasks for them.

How MoreLiteracy can help

This site is a place for me to share my ideas about the impact of ubiquitous technology on the lives of adults with literacy and English language learning needs, particularly recently arrived refugees and immigrants. The site serves as an invitation to educators, policy makers, and scholars to engage in the work of making technology a bridge and not a barrier to the economic stability, civic participation, and academic success of adult learners.

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MoreLiteracy for making technology a bridge, not a barrier.